What we do:

Evaluation/Customer Service
Program Design
Organizational Effectiveness/Capacity Building/Coaching


  Evaluation/Customer Service

    • customer service assessment of The San Francisco Foundation's stakeholders (grantees, applicants, donors), a project reaching over 1,800 organizations to determine their degree of satisfaction and to elicit recommendations

    • a multiyear evaluation The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Neighborhood Improvement Initiative, an effort exceeding $15 million of Foundation investment to revitalize neighborhoods in Oakland, San Jose, and East Palo Alto, California

    • a comprehensive program evaluation of the David and Lucile Foundation's grants for strategic planning

    • a multiyear evaluation of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation's effort to increase community foundation involvement in management assistance

    • an evaluation of the first decade of the City of Minneapolis's Neighborhood Revitalization Program


  Program Design

    • analysis of primary and secondary school education reform efforts in California to advise the Rockefeller Foundation

    • design and facilitation of focus groups throughout the nation to provide input into the development of the Fannie Mae Foundation's web portal, KnowledgePlex

    • design and facilitation of focus groups for the Department of Housing and Urban Development for input into providing user-friendly computer facilities in affordable housing developments


  Organizational Effectiveness/Capacity Building/Coaching
    • workshop on sustainability for the 2003 annual conference of Philanthropy Northwest, the regional grantmakers association, hosted in Alaska

    • design and development of capacity building programs for community development organizations for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation's offices in Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Indianapolis

    • executive coaching for Fannie Mae Foundation's Sustained Excellence Program

    • coaching to design knowledge management program for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation



    Aspen Institute
    City of St. Paul
    City of Minneapolis
    Committee for Economic Development (U.S. and Australia)
    Council for International Urban Liaison
    David and Lucile Packard Foundation
    Family Housing Fund/Minneapolis and St. Paul
    Fannie Mae Foundation
    Ford Foundation
    Gannett Corporation
    Gannett Foundation
    German Marshall Fund
    Hawaii Community Foundation
    Heinz Endowment
    Humboldt Area Foundation
    Independent Sector
    Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership
    James Irvine Foundation
    John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    Lilly Endowment
    Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bay Area, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Saint Paul offices)
    McKnight Foundation
    Minneapolis Foundation
    National Congress for Community Economic Development
    National League of Cities
    Neighborhood Revitalization Program/City of Minneapolis
    Pharmacia(Upjohn) Corporation
    Prudential Corporation
    Public Broadcasting/WHMM Washington, DC and KQED San Francisco
    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Paris, France)
    Rockefeller Foundation
    The San Francisco Foundation
    Southern California Gas Company
    Sun Microsystems
    Urban Institute
    The White House
    William and Flora Hewlett Foundation